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Rascal Vantage Mobility Mobility Scooter

Welcome to the Rascal Veo X, a brand new lightweight transportable mobility scooter from Electric Mobility, the home of the”Rascal” range of scooters and powerchairs. The Veo X, and it's smaller brother the Veo are part of the new exciting range of mobility scooters recently launched by Electric Mobility.

This scooter shares all the useful features of the Veo but with a few extras! The Veo X has larger 22 amp batteries, increasing the range between charges up to a maximum range of 11 miles. It is simple to take apart and once disassembled, the heaviest section weighs just 38 lbs, with the rear section even less at 27

The seat has adjustable armrests and a swivel action to make it easier to get on your scooter. Also, the seat on the Veo X offers even more padding and support than the standard Veo model. The tiller easily adjusts allowing you to find the ideal position for your journey. The Rascal Veo X is capable of comfortably carrying a user 20 stones in weight. Over 2” of ground clearance, and the ability to remove the batteries for convenient off-board charging add to it’s appeal.

Overall length
1080mm (42.5”)
Overall width
490mm (19.9”)
Overall height
883mm (34.8”)
Maximum rider weight
20 stone (113kg)
2 x 22 amp/hr
Total weight
Maximum range
Up to 11 miles
Maximum speed