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Rascal Liteway 4 Plus Mobility Scooter

The Liteway 4 Plus builds on the hugely popular Liteway 4 design, bringing you a whole new level of freedom and flexibility,

Transporting your Liteway 4 Plus is now easier than ever with the heaviest component being only 15kg (33lbs) and there’s an option to upgrade your battery capacity to travel further in confidence. Its distinctive good looks also deliver on style and individuality.

The high performance all-rounder is daringly different thanks to the unique styling of the lightweight tubular frame and innovative latch-lock system on the two-piece chassis. Thoughtful engineering makes it so easy to disassemble and stow into an average sized boot – smaller, individual sections are easier to lift and provide greater flexibility when stowing, leaving plenty of room for the shopping.

The Liteway 4 plus offers all the features you would expect from a compact, fully transportable scooter plus the added confidence of a proven design. With our optional 24-amp battery, the scooter’s range is increased to 16 miles – making all the difference to your independence.

Overall length
105cm (41”)
Overall width
55cm (22”)
Overall height
1300mm (51”)
Maximum rider weight
136kg (300lbs)
Total weight
56kg (124lbs)
Maximum range
15km (9miles)
Maximum speed