High quality of service at a very reasonable price.

About Us

We are a newly established business specialising in the hire and selling of mobility scooters in Dubai. We offer a friendly, professional and caring service to enable those with limited mobility to maintain their independence comfortably.

Dubai Mobility Scooters will enable independence to the community and visitors of Dubai to maintain and pursue their personal activities of daily living in comfort.

Mobility scooters are a wonderful aid for people who have difficulty getting about. They give a greater degree of independence allowing you to visit places and do things you might otherwise not be able to do.

Our vehicles are a brand that people have come to trust and rely on in a way that can only be earned through quality products delivered time after time.

We cater for the individual’s requirements and expectations and budgets.

We offer a rental delivery and collection service from short term to long term rental.

We also sell various scooters along with delivery to the door and after service.